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WARNING: This hoodie is ONLY for those who desire to bring positivity and light into their lives!

Do you - or someone else in your life - just absolutely LOVE the esoteric, angels, and all of the antics associated witch divinity, alchemy, and magic? If so, then our special, high vibrational Lightworker Angel Hoodie is the PERFECT gift for them (or for yourself!). This unique design features a light being and angelic entity, made from a strong energetic field. Do you know the common belief or saying "energy cannot be created or destroyed"? This is the exact representation of who YOU are, of who WE are as a collective - THAT'S RIGHT! - YOU are an ETERNAL, MULTIDIMENSIONAL, POWERFUL being, and don't anyone tell you otherwise! If you are ready to step into your power, then this is the perfect fashion accessory for you or for someone dear to your heart!

What makes our Lightworker Hoodie so special, you may ask?

The design - you will find no other like our design, it is unique in almost every way. There is no other design which features the elements and physical display of energy to the human eye - it represents all of the aura or chakra colors that you will hear so many people talk about.
It instills a sense of empowerment for all the unusual and special people out there, like yourself - it is a reminder that you belong to a group of individuals with a greater sense of purpose and direction, whether it is to assist with the collective ascension, or to enlighten those around you with all the knowledge your higher self has access to.
The hoodie itself is very durable - it is made of high quality fabrics and the print is of superior, long lasting quality, which makes it a fantastic staple for daily wear and use!

The Perfect Gift For Those Who Have Always Known That They Aren't Just Ordinary With An Ordinary Purpose!

If you truly are a unique soul, you are probably the type of person who likes things that aren't available in any and every outlet! If you are an absolute LIGHTWORKER at heart, who indulges in the enchanted world of energy manipulation, energy healing, and many other alchemy or energy practices, then you will LOVE this hoodie!

Remember, the hoodie itself isn't what makes our Lightworker Hoodie special, it's you, and it's the unique frequency pattern which was incorporated, and combined with this particular design that makes it one of a kind!

ONE question remains...

Are YOU ready for some Lightworker magic?

Hoodie Specifications

This is the PERFECT cozy go-to hoodie to curl up in - it is soft, smooth, and stylish. It's the perfect choice for cooler evenings!

- 50% cotton, 50% polyester
- Double-lined hood
- Double-needle stitching throughout
- Air-jet spun yarn with a soft feel and reduced pilling
- 1x1 athletic rib knit cuffs and waistband with spandex
- Front pouch pocket

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