Pyramid Chakra Crystal Resin Energy Generators

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These gorgeous, resin-filled ornaments each contain a variation of chakra colors. The color you are most drawn to, will most likely be the chakra that you need to focus on cleaning or realigning, as your intuition will guide you to do so. The color and chakra combinations:
Red: Root Chakra
Orange: Sacral Chakra
Yellow: Solar Plexus Chakra
Green: Heart Chakra
Blue: Throat Chakra
Indigo: Third-Eye Chakra
Purple: Crown Chakra

These ornaments are ideal for meditation practices and for clearing any energies which are blocking your chakras. 
This is the PERFECT gift for you or for someone special who needs to work on realigning chakras, or if you're looking for an ornament with a very unique look and design to decorate your home with!
  • Product Specifications

Item Weight: 8g
Item Height: 2 cm
Product Features: Pyramid Crystal Energy Generator
Item Width: 2 cm
Item Length: 2 cm
Material: Natural Stone
Item Diameter: 2 cm

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