Merkaba Crystal Stone Earrings (LIGHT BODY ACTIVATOR!)

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Beautiful Merkaba earrings available in a wide range of crystals/stones. The Merkaba silver-plated design protects the stones so it is safely secured. These will definitely add some shine to your unique aura!

Merkaba or Merkabah translates to the meaning "light", "light body", or "spirit body". The Merkaba is known to be the conductor or the generator of one's light body and it takes the form of two triangles, one upright and the other inverted. These triangles move in a circulating pattern and in opposite directions. The movement of these triangles is what generates your third-dimensional energy field. This energy field can be activated or strengthened through meditation and several breathing techniques. It is said that the Merkaba is capable of transporting your consciousness to higher dimensions.

This is the PERFECT gift for yourself or for someone special who loves the esoteric scene or energy work in general.                                    

  • Product Specifications

Earring Type: Drop Earrings                                                                               Material: Stone
Shape\pattern: Geometric
Metals Type: Sliver Plated

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